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Table of contents
Human rights, justice and the global change
Modelling past global change - forecasting the future
The FINSKEN global change scenarios
Climate-biosphere interactions (CORE)
Agricultural soils as a sink and source of greenhouse gases:
A research consortium (AGROGAS)
Carbon and nitrogen storages and fluxes in Finnish forest ecosystems
Climate change impacts on the dynamics of the functioning and structure of boreal forests, with implications for the sustainability of forest production and carbon sequestration
Carbon pathways through boreal lakes: A multi-scale approach (CARBO)
Arctic feedbacks to global warming
The record of rapid changes in the Arctic and their impact on glaciers in Svalbard
Numerical investigations of sea-ice variability in the Arctic Ocean
Long-term ozone and UV estimates
Sensitivity of boreal fish larvae to UV-B radiation: A preliminary risk assessment
Responses of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) to increasing CO2 and O3
Global problems and their governance: The contribution by the Figare/Safir project
Legal aspects of climate change: Instrument choice and the Kyoto mechanisms
Global policies and Finland: Environment, energy markets and forest sector
The development of climate discourse: internationally, in Finland and in Finnish transport futures studies
Land use changes and carbon flows in Central America:
Options for carbon management
Conditioning global and local climate, biodiversity and development policies - changing institutional and environmental contexts of tropical forests (CLIMA-X)
Local and national impacts of global climate change and biodiversity policies in the Philippines
The regional and local policy impacts of global environmental and climate regimes (CLIMA-X)
Global change in the Arctic and institutional responses - discourse analytic approaches
Index of authors
Index of keywords