Collections of the Zoological Museum consist, on the other hand, of scientific collections directed to research and, on the other hand, educational and public collections directed to teaching. The insect and bird collections purchased by Turun Suomalainen Yliopistoseura (Turku Finnish University Society) during 1920-1921 formed the original basis of the Zoological Museum's scientific collections. At present, the Museum's scientific collections include approximately 3, 5 million animal samples and especially the spider, soil arthropod, beetle, butterfly, true bug and parasitic wasp collections include much unique material. The Museum's type collections include mostly type individuals of insects and spiders. The majority of currently incoming material are spiders, mites and, due to the active collecting in Amazon-project, ichneumonid wasps. At the end of the 1980's, a database was founded for the storage of sample data. At present, the Museum's data base includes information of some 150.000 samples.

With the help of the Museum's educational and public collections, it is possible to become familiar with most of the Finnish mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes. Public collections present also a large number of domestic insects, a lot of tropical animal species and animal droppings.

The research projects of the Zoological Museum focus in particular on the diversity, taxonomy and systematics of arthropods and tropical fresh water fishes. The Museum?s research activities require wide-ranging international co-operation. The emphasis of the research is on Holarctic, Neotropical and Indo-pasific regions.

Pest and other animal samples can be brought to the Museum for identification. If you have an interesting sample, please, contact the staff before arriving.

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