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SCAPE 2013

Travel information: SCAPE-transportation time schedule published!

Lammi Biological Station is situated 100 km north of Helsinki and is hard to reach by public traffic. To make your travelling to Lammi easier we offer special SCAPE-transportation by bus. Please see the time schedule below:


Thursday 24 October

Helsinki city centre: departure 14:30 (update 16-10-2013)

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: departure 15:00 (update 16-10-2013)

Lammi: arrival about 16:30


Sunday 27 October

Lammi: departure 13:00

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: arrival 15:00

Helsinki city centre: arrival 15:30


Please make sure that you book flights/ferries/trains that enable you to catch the organised bus on Thursday and that you have enough time on Sunday between bus arrival and your booked departure.

There are no extra costs for this SCAPE-transportation. We strongly recommend that all of you would make use of the special SCAPE-transportation!

In case you have serious difficulty in finding a suitable travel connection that allows you to use the SCAPE-transportation, please inform us.


Traveling to Helsinki by air

Most Scapers will probably fly to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Finnair, SAS and Norwegian Air Shuttle provide most of this airport's connections to other countries.


Traveling to Finland by ferry from Stockholm

Some Scandinavian Scapers may prefer the ferry from Stockholm to Turku. Tallink Silja Line and Viking Line each offer a night and a day journey to both cities. The same companies offer a connection from Stockholm directly to Helsinki once a day (night journey).

Baltic Scapers may feel tempted by the short distance from Tallinn, which is abridged by Tallink Silja Line several times a day and by Viking Line and Eckerö Line two times per day.


Advise after ferry travel to Turku

When traveling from Stockholm to Turku by ferry one can continue either by bus to Helsinki city centre or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or by train to Helsinki city centre.


What if you cannot catch the special SCAPE-transportation bus or if you missed it?

Only if there is no possibility at all to catch the special SCAPE-transportation on Thursday or in case you missed it, the best alternative is to take a bus from Helsinki city centre or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the town of Lammi. This journey is offered several times per day and takes between 2 and 3 hours depending on the connection. Most connections require a transfer in either Lahti or Hämeenlinna. Since Lammi Biological Station lies 5 km from Lammi town, we need to pick you up by car.

In case you know beforehand that you cannot catch the special SCAPE-transportation, please inform us as soon as possible.

In case you missed the special SCAPE-transportation, call Niek (+358 465423935).

We would like to emphasise again that this scenario is an exception for those who have no option to catch the special SCAPE-transportation due to necessarily late arrival in Helsinki or for those who missed the SCAPE-transportation due to travel delays.


Traveling to Lammi by car

For traveling to Lammi Biological Station by car, you can find travel directions on the station's website.


Finland pre- or post-meeting sightseeing

Those who would like to take the opportunity to discover Helsinki, Turku or other parts of Finland before or after the SCAPE meeting, see the tourist information websites of Helsinki and Turku and Finland for ideas and information.


Photos by E. Vesterinen and A. Muola.

This page was updated 16.10.2013